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Do you need help coping with difficult emotions and sadness?

Depression Counseling


Do you suffer from chronic fatigue and muscle tension?  Do you worry about everything?

Anxiety Counseling


Does your child seem “different”, unresponsive, since birth?

Autism Therapy


Are you having behavioral problems with your kids? we can help!

Behavioral Counseling



We provide family counseling to help deal with everyday life in an effective way.

Family Counseling


We provide assessment and tools for parents with kids that have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

ADHD Counseling


If you suffer from stress from a traumatic past experience, we can help you find effective solutions for your post traumatic stress disorder.

PTSD Therapy


For victims of sexual abuse, we provide counseling and treatment options to help them overcome the traumatic experience.

Trauma Counseling

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Our team of licensed counselors specialize in mental health issues related to children, teens, adults and families.

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Individual Counseling


Not everyone who needs individual help eventually seeks it. 

It happens due to some of these reasons:

  • fear of acknowledging the issue
  • stigma of mental health and shame
  • lack of awareness of counseling services

All of these things prevent thousands of people from seeking the right place where they can overcome, resolve and deal with their individual problems.

We are here to tell you that you are in the right place.

If you feel like you have an issue in your life, we can certainly help you deal with it, find solutions to your obstacles, and help you find a way to feel better about yourself so that you can thrive and live your best life. Start your Individual counseling today.

Relationship Counseling


Most people think that they need relationship counseling when something bad happens, however we can seek help before it is too far gone. 

You can create time and make a commitment to make your relationship healthier in order to develop strong pillars of respect, trust, support, honesty and shared responsibilities, as well as develop a healthy relationship. 

When we value someone’s importance by nurturing the relationship we are cultivating a healthy relationship that will be able to weather the storms of life.

Nurturing a relationship can take many forms. The more nurturing skills we have in our repertoire of behaviors, the healthier our relationships will be.

We are here to help you, no matter what kind of situation you face in your relationship. Even if you think you have a trivial situation. Schedule your call with our relationship counselors that fits your needs and start your journey to a better life.

Family Counseling

family counceling

Do you feel disconnected from your family?

Has your family life become more stressful and you feel lost?

All family life consists of ups and downs, hills and valleys in all relationships. You and your loved one have different personalities, and sometimes you have different opinions and that disappoints. Meanwhile, positive emotions of your family life seem to fade away and you don't feel the strong bonds anymore.

Families with strong ties live a much happier and longer lives and are overall more fulfilled.

You don't have to go through all of this unpleasant journey on your own.

Our professional counselors specialized in family counseling and we will help you regain your thriving family relationships; we will support you and your family develop a more loving and appreciation for each other.

Request family counseling now and start your family counseling today.

Children's Mental Health

children mental health

Your child's mental health is an essential and important part of their overall health.

It has a direct impact on how your child is going to succeed in school and their social life.

Diagnosing and treating your child's mental health problems as soon as possible is the best way to prevent long-term problems that may affect your child's life in their future.

Counseling services are one the best ways to help your child avoid such problems, it will help them talk things through with a professional therapist that makes them feel at ease. 

Using our proven approaches in counseling, we can help your child thrive and live a better life. Start your child's counseling today.




Our counselors  are in-network with a variety of insurance plans. Call us today and we can match you with a counselor who is accepting your insurance. See list below of the various insurances we are contracted with as a group.

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We accept all major insurances 


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